Mistress Manouche​​
Domme Fatale


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​​Mistress Manouche - ​Domme Fatale​​

​Professional Mistress with many years practical experience; I welcome applications from well behaved slaves, submissives, masochists and fetishists. With fully equipped London Chambers available, I offer sessions 5 days a week. Other venues and house calls may be considered, by arrangement.

​I am a natural authoritarian, strict, firm and forthright, patient and understanding with the inexperienced and first timers. I have a great sense of humour and can be loving and nurturing.

With a highly qualified medical background, I am able to offer specialised medical sessions and am happy to accept clients of all abilities and disabilities.

​I only accept a very select and privileged clientele. It is essential that I enjoy a genuinely personal and mutually rewarding relationship with my clients, I may or may not agree to take you on. Applicants will be carefully interrogated and vetted to ensure suitability and to assess specific requirements.

​Petite with long raven hair, exotic olive skin tones, alluring mahogany eyes, high cheekbones and a natural elegance, I am a warm hearted and open minded lady. Dressing up and looking beautiful gives me a tremendous feeling of power and control.

Please Note: No personal services or sex of any kind are offered. Well behaved clients may earn the privilege of relieving themselves at the end of the session.